>Its Been a Long Time

>So I made some posts, vanished and now I have come back.

I’m still working as a librarian in the same public library system and I still have the same sorts of problems as before. Weird how that works.

My fellow circulation staff member A and I have been debating a lot lately on why patrons choose one side of the circulation desk over the other. It seems that most patrons return AND check on their books on the left side of the desk (right side if you’re sitting at it). Why the preference?

Our theories are as follows:

1. If you come in from the outside, the angle of the open door makes it awkward to check-in at the right hand side (left side if you’re sitting at the desk).

2. It is the closest side of the desk when coming from the stacks which means people have to walk less.

3. A is pregnant and people don’t want to bother her (but they can’t see she is when she is sitting down)

4. People do weird things.

I tend to lean towards number four, since PEOPLE DO WEIRD THINGS.

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