>Reader’s Advisory Lists

>Since working at the library I have come up with several Reader’s Advisory Lists so that we can better serve our patrons.

Some of the lists are as follows:

Sink Your Teeth Into…– Zombie, werewolf, vampire books
History in the Making– Modern warfare novels (fiction/non-fiction)
Muy Caliente!– Spanish books (we don’t have very many 😦 )
Black is brown is tan– Children’s books on diversity
You Think You Have Problems– YA books covering tough YA issues
On The Battlefield– Civil war novels (fiction/non-fiction)
Literary Critic– Books considered “classics”
Fireside Fav’s– Books that are good for curling up beside the fireplace and reading
Bone Appetit– Culinary mysteries and cozy mysteries
History Buff’s– J/Y list of historical fiction
Super Sleuths– J/Y mystery books
VIB’s– Very Important Biographies
Geeking Out– Fiction Science books
1-2-3 Read– Books on math for young readers
Bank on Books– Personal finance books
Its a Perfect World– Utopian novels
Its an Imperfect World– Dystopian novels
Popular Reads (Year)– This changes each year and we rotate them out
Doctor! Doctor!– Medical books (fiction)
Here’s to Your Health– Nutrition and fitness books
Pwning Newbs– Fiction books on video games and gaming

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