All Aboard for a Train Story Time!

Choo Choo! All Aboard for a Train Story Time

BooksThe Last Train by Gordon Titcomb; Steam, Smoke, and Steel: back in time with trains by Patrick O’Brien, Train Song by Harriet Ziefert

Activity: Have the kids line up and lead them around the meeting room like a train. Have them speed up, slow down, stop, zig-zag etc… You can make little signs for them to wear and even have the lead “train” wear a little conductor hat and bandana. Let the kids switch up so they can be different parts of the train.

Crafts: Make trains from graham crackers. Use the icing as glue (like a gingerbread house) and make “wheels” out of candy. If that is too time consuming, have the kids make trains out of construction paper or tissue/shoe boxes

Extra: Show Thomas the Tank Engine clips from YouTube or show All About fast trains & airplanes

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