2012/2013 Big Changes

I am sitting at my AMAZING new job, eating cherry Poptarts (which happen to be my least favorite) for lunch. Why am I eating Poptarts for lunch you ask…..

It’s a long story. One that starts back in September of 2012 when I applied for a job at KU Medical Center’s Dykes Library. Since I started in library world, I have pushed myself to become a medical librarian. I adore the idea of melding two of my great loves and pursuing a profession that aligns with my interests. By the end of October, I was feeling a little disappointed. Two interviews and tour later, I had not received a call-back about the position. Then, in late November during a survival program I was hosting for teens, I got the call.

I was ecstatic! I was finally on my way to becoming a medical librarian.

As soon as I was off work, I began looking at apartments/houses. Thankfully a friend of mine in Kansas had a room available in her house and offered to let me stay with her. So far that aspect of my move has gone really well and I love going to work everyday.

So now I’m in Kansas, working at the fantastic KU Medical Center, I love my co-workers (though I miss my TRL co-workers too 😦 ) and I like where I’m staying.

Back to the Poptarts though…

While carrying groceries in on ice covered steps I slipped and face-planted. I busted my lip, broke THREE teeth and I’m incredibly sore. Thankfully, I was able to see an emergency dentist on New Year’s Eve, but it cost me big time. Right now I have a temporary crown and I go back on Jan 8th to have my permanent crown put on. Thus, I can only eat soft foods and that is why I’m eating Poptarts for lunch.

Though I must say that 2012 was a less than stellar year, I do have a few things that I am incredibly thankful for:

1. My wonderful new job
2. The love and support of my friends and family
3. Meeting a really fantastic guy
4. A cozy place to live with a fun roommate

I can say without a doubt, however, that 2012 will go down in my record book as the worst year so far. I hope to keep it that way and not repeat this year again.

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