It’s Like Wiki for Libraries

Every librarian knows that there are some questions we get asked routinely. Questions like, “How do I cite…?” or “What database would I use to find…?” And while we can easily find the information for the patron, I always find it more helpful to teach them to fish from the get-go. If they aren’t in a time crunch, showing them a LibGuide you have created that answers their question is a fantastic way to teach them to “help themselves.”

What is a LibGuide? According to the Springshare site, a LibGuide is, ” [a] librarian created [portal] to high quality research information.” But what does that mean exactly? Well, it means whatever you want it to mean! LibGuides are customizable content guides that librarians and support staff can create to aid patrons in research.

LibGuides open up a world of possibilities for so many different types of libraries. A few examples:

– Public libraries can use the site to promote Banned Books Week, help organize their Book Club, and put a spotlight on special collections or rare books.

– Academic libraries provide citation resources via LibGuides, as well as exam preparations and helpful library tutorials.

– Special libraries can use LibGuides as a way to curate special collections, promote resources to specific patrons, help with specific hobbies and highlight services they provide to their community.

– Even school libraries can get in on the action by creating guides for specific courses, making resources for different areas of study, and using a LibGuide as a presentation tool.

Creating a LibGuide isn’t difficult…

[LibGuide Creation]

and the benefits to your patrons can be HUGE!

Question(s): How many of you use LibGuides already? What do you use them for, specifically? Link to your LibGuide in the comments!

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