Lets Play a Game!

Can you guess which category the following titles belong in?

Your choices:

  • Library School Case Study
  • Adult Film Title
  • Romance Novel

The titles:

  1. Compromising Positions
  2. The Flasher
  3. The Arrangement
  4. Yellow Fever
  5. Family Connections
  6. Dhana’s Dilemma
  7. Crisis at the WPL: Dan Has AIDS
  8. The Trustee’s Wife
  9. Log Jam
  10. Polly wants a doctor
  11. Single white male
  12. The Librarian and the Centerfold
  13. Wild in the Stacks

They are all titles of case studies we have read in “library school.” These studies were all written by a single author! [link no longer active, IA link instead]

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