Professional Goals

twitter-header-template-12Professionally, I would like to:

  • Become known as an expert in the field of emerging technologies integration
  • Build my personal brand
  • Develop a position within an information organization that challenges me and utilizes my skill set
  • Pursue a secondary Master’s degree, as well as a PhD
  • Work in an environment where I can become a top performer within an organization
  • Increase access to information and develop more efficient ways of information dissemination
  • Assist educators in developing information literacy curricula, particularly within medical education

I am particularly interested in the following areas of librarianship/academia:

  • Clinical librarianship
  • Medical/Biomedical librarianship
  • Health Sciences librarianship
  • STEM librarianship
  • Emerging Technologies/Technology librarianship
  • Curriculum Developer

My teaching and research interests are:

  • Emerging technologies
  • Gamification
  • Search strategy design and creation
  • Health information literacy and dissemination
  • Data curation and management
  • Information repackaging and retrieval
  • Project management
  • Curriculum development

My professional interests include:

  • information literacy
  • instructional design
  • the integration of emerging technologies into existing instruction
  • literature searches and research methodologies
  • knowledge management
  • curriculum development

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