Professional Value 3: Integrity

“Exhibit ethical behavior, knowledge, and attitudes.”

  • Artifact 1: Personal Learning Plan A
  • Artifact 2: Personal Learning Plan B
  • Artifact 3: Personal Learning Plan C
    • One of the issues when taking an online class is often the lack of personal oversight when it comes self-guided learning. In my second to last semester, I enrolled in Information Technology (taught by Brenda Hough). Over the course of the semester, we were assigned three self-guided “Personal Learning Plans,” which involved each individual 1) assessing their level of expertise with different aspects of technology; 2) choosing an area of interest; 3) completing a log of self-guided learning; 4) writing a reflection on the experience. I decided to “teach” myself the programming language Ruby, and created a schedule for completing the assigned tasks in a timely manner. This required a great deal of discipline, a positive attitude, and a high standard of personal ethics in order to actually complete the assignment, instead of “slacking off.”
    • Narrative

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