Professional Outcome 2: Leadership

Demonstrate leadership potential, with creativity in problem solving and openness to new ideas.

  • Outside of the School of Library and Information Management, I have taken on the leadership role in several professional activities. One of those roles was as the lead on a project associated with the MAITF Grant entitled “Empowering students to use tech tools as we become better healthcare professionals.” Even though the grant did not pass the review process, I still dedicated 10% of my salaried time to the project. The project itself required me to be the Project Head of the Application Certification and Development Taskforce, which sought to “evaluate the ease of use and the medical information accuracy and quality” of medical apps available to healthcare professionals.

I am also involved in several library-based organizations. These include:

  • Association of College and Research Libraries, April 2013-present
  • American Library Association, April 2013-present
  • Midcontinental Chapter of the Medical Library Association, February 2013-present
  • Medical Library Association, August 2013-present

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