Professional Value 4: Mentorship

“Guide and teach current and future clients and information  professionals to ensure the continued growth of the field.”

  • Artifact: Interview with an Information Professional, Biomedical Librarian
    • “While taking part in [National Library of Medicine’s Associate Fellowship Program], Rachel had the chance to collaborate on several interesting projects and network with a diverse group of individuals. One project, Analysis of Ahead of Print Publications, taught her that it is not just enough to collect data; you must thoroughly analyze it for the data to be of any use.”
  • Rachel was a valuable mentor to me when I worked at the Health Science Library, but has also kept in contact even though we are both no longer working at A.R. Dykes Library. She has taught me that establishing relationships early in your career is the key to unlocking opportunities later on, and that networking is really about learning how to connect people with ideas (not just learning names). Her advice has been something I continue to refer to as I have advanced in my career, and I have become a better librarian through her mentorship.
  • Narrative
  • Artifact 2: Teach Others About Databases 
    • My involvement with the Emporia State University School of Library and Information Management has shown me the importance of teaching others about finding and evaluating information. One of the most enjoyable aspects of working with clients has been the ability to share my knowledge of search strategies and information retrieval. In particular, an instructional session (completed for LI819XI) with neurosurgical residents provided me the opportunity to teach a new generation of health care professionals how efficiently utilize PubMed.

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