Publications & Presentations


Zhang, X., Enders, G., Alexander, A., Ryan, J., Al-Kofahi, M., Cullan, J., … Magnifico, C. (2015). Using a multimedia dissection tool in human anatomy lab. The FASEB Journal, 29(1 Supplement). Retrieved from


Poster Sessions

Fontes, J., Eaton, MR., Calvet, J., Slawson, C., and Magnifico, C. (2017) Design-based implementation research (DBIR) on case-based collaborative-learning (CBCL): enhanced active learning through collaborative technologies. Poster presented at the Academy of Medical Educators Retreat at the University of Kansas Medical Center.


Edson, B., and Magnifico, C. (2013). Operation collection development, medical library editionPoster  presented at Collection Development and Management Poster Session at Emporia State University, School of Library and Information Science , Overland Park, KS.


Magnifico, C. (2018) Mapping the ACE curriculum: lessons learned, best practices, and future plans. [Webinar]. In AAMC Curriculum Inventory Webinar Series

Magnifico, C. & Collins, H. (May 7, 2014). Google glass [Online presentation]. In Breezing Along with the RML Sessions. Retrieved from  (updated 4/4/2016)

Google Glass at KUMC

A presentation given in a “Breezing Along with the NLM” session about Google Glass

Google Glass @ KUMC

Eaton, MR., & Magnifico, C. (2015). Facilitating Change in Medical Education through a Distributed Educational Technology Environment. SIDLIT Conference. Retrieved from

Manos, L. & Magnifico, C. (December 8, 2014). Google Glass and in situ simulation. For The Teaching and Learning Technologies Exemplar Courses Series. [Temporary link]

Swails, and Magnifico, C. (2013). Kansas City local library exchange: how we developed a low-cost, high payback professional development program. For Brick & Click Library Conference Series.

I wasn't able to attend the Brick & Click Conference, but created the presentation and wrote the abstract.

I wasn’t able to attend the Brick & Click Conference, but created the presentation and wrote the abstract.

MLS Presentations

Organize Something PresentationLI804XS: Organize Something
Strategic Plan PresentationLI805XS: Strategic Plan
(Futura Library)
Tech TrendsNN/LM Course
(Tech Trends)
LI837XR: Teaching Demo
LI815XR: Sparks Grant
(IMLS Grant)
LI802XS: ISB Model Presentation
(Value Sensitive Design)


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