From an email to the Director of MET and the Director of Assessment

I’ve worked with Christina and [co-worker] on some very complicated things lately, that require an immense amount of initiative, communication, work, focus, follow through, and intelligence. I’ve been highly impressed with each of them in nailing all of those attributes. Additionally, and I think most importantly, it’s clear that they care about the work they do.

They didn’t have to step in and help on this FCT project. But they did, because they could see that they could add value to it. They didn’t just stop at an email, or say that they’re too busy, or settle for the path of least resistance. They knew they could help the project be successful. So they rolled up their sleeves and did just that, in spite of the fact that it would take some extra time and effort. That’s extraordinary in itself.

The bad news, for them, is that I’ve come to realize that when I work with them on complicated stuff, that I can take for granted that they’ll quickly understand the problem at hand, and that they’ll be thorough and diligent. So I’m likely going to seek out their help more when I need a keen eye or two. Lucky them …
I think it’s important to share successes and extraordinary effort in an organization, which is why I’m taking the time to write this. This isn’t just run of the mill praise. I really have been extraordinarily impressed with each of them, both individually and as a team.
Please share this with anyone whom you think would appreciate hearing it.

– Trent Kelley, Database Developer


A comment on my Graduate MLIS Capstone Portfolio from a professor

I am blown away Christina! Your artifacts are amazing. We both know you are already an amazing librarian, that is a given. You should be publishing and presenting at a national level. Your artifacts show a creative side that will take you places in the profession. My only advice to you is to stay focused. People will be jealous since you are so “first rate” and that always turns ugly. Not all librarians know what they are doing, even ones in high level positions.

Keith Rocci

October 2014


An email to a member of the School of Nursing Faculty


Quick update:

I’m working with a talented library school graduate student, Christina Magnifico, who is employed in public services here at Dykes Library. I was grateful to enlist her participation in the ‘Conference Posters’ LibGuide. She has a passion for biostatistics and is very enthusiastic about infographics and communicating data. She has avidly taken to the Conference Posters LibGuide and provided content that I believe is spot-on for our nursing poster authors as well as students and others.

Heather Collins, Assistant Director Dykes Library Research and Learning



Regarding a video created for Library Orientation 

Christina, this is fantastic!

[inserts cheers and vigorous hand-clapping]

Extremely well-done. It’s fun, informative, and engaging. I really appreciate all the work you put into this.


Anne Huffman, Medical Librarian