Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

Outcome 7: Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning

“Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning by participating in professional development activities and disseminating new information to colleagues and patrons.”

  • Course: LI837XR, Teaching in the Information Professions
  • Takeaway: 
    • characteristics of learners
    • how to develop professionally
    • appropriate instructional methods
    • philosophy of teaching and learning
    • how to evaluate different instructional situations
    • for more…
  • Skills cultivated:
    • instructional practices
    • presentation methods
    • technology integration
    • syllabus creation
    • public speaking
    • written communication
  • PaperStatement of Teaching Philosophy
    • “When I step into a classroom or auditorium, I strive to engage, excite, challenge, and inspire my students. I believe that through instruction teachers can instill in their students more than just the basic objectives of their lesson plans. They can–and should–serve as mentors, showing students the how rather than the what.”

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