Information Resources

Outcome 2: Information Resources

 “Explain and implement the development, maintenance, and management of collections and resources to meet specific information needs.”

  • Course: LI855XS, Collection Development and Management
  • Takeaway: 
    • collection assessment and evaluation
    • collection development and management
    • basic principles of collections
    • collection development policies
    • for more…
  • Skills cultivated:
    • collection development and management strategies
    • presentation design (visual)
    • information synthesization
    • collaboration and project management
  • PaperCollection Assessment Report: School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) John M. Flaxman Library
    • Prioritize the addition of electronic resources that contain high-quality color images of artwork, which would replace more expensive monographs
    • Reduce the DVD acquisition budget by 15-20%, and include only educational materials. Have students utilize the public library or interlibrary loan for popular requests
    • Cancel several of the subscription databases, serial subscriptions, or consider new packages
    • Partner with the Chicago Public Library to see what general databases they can provide students, while the John M. Flaxman Library focuses on specific databases


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