Organization of Recorded Knowledge and Information

Outcome 3: Organization of Recorded Knowledge and Information

Explain, use, maintain, and develop systems to organize and retrieve recorded knowledge.”

  • Courses: LI883XI & LI884XI, Introduction to Metadata, & Advanced Metadata Applications
  • Takeaway: 
    • knowledge of multiple metadata schemas and standards (VRA, MODS, DC, RDA, BIBFRAME)
    • metadata creation and organization
    • ethical use of metadata
    • application of metadata in information agencies
    • terminology related to metadata
    • metadata interoperability
    • Semantic web and linked open data
    • for more…
  • Skills cultivated:
    • digital library analysis
    • crosswalking (MARC to DC; MODS in XML)
    • original metadata record creation
    • Notepad++ (XML)
    • application profile design
    • controlled vocabulary creation and searching

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