Technical Knowledge and Skills

Outcome 4: Technological Knowledge and Skills

Employ current and emerging technologies effectively for communication, and to search for, identify, repackage, and deliver information resources.”

  • Courses: LI815XR, Information Technology & LI800XI Introduction to Informatics
  • Takeaway: 
    • information systems and theories
    • emerging themes in informatics
    • privacy and security issues in information system design
    • policy frameworks surrounding technology use
    • intellectual freedom
    • access issues for diverse populations
    • technology instructional roles of information organizations
    • for more…
  • Skills cultivated:
    • research
    • effective collaboration
    • trends forcasting
    • integration of technology into information organizations
    • written communication
  • Paper: Working Group Paper, Knowledge Exchange Yard (KEY)
    • “This white paper attempts to alleviate two common problems facing online learning environments: collaboration and engagement. Due to a lack of communication options and collaborative ‘space,’ students rejected the collaborative tools offered through Canvas…”

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